About Us

Our Coaching Philosphy is

Holistic, Simple and straight forward approach to involve all elements to make a complete player .

Mental :
Plays a major part in any sport. it is imperative that the mental aspect is well trained and drilled by having a game based approach and challenging kids during practice to be able to do things which they might find very hard and outside of their comfort zone...

Physical :
Will cover all aspects on and off court with regards to not just being physical strong and fit but all other fundamental aspect of fitness like balance, recovery, stability etc.,

Tactical :
The most important element for improving and developing a player. One of things which will be a part of their routine.

Technical :
Critical aspect to reduce injuries and fatigue, a part which will be based on the above three element and the approach more holistic.

Nutrition and regeneration :
As important as any of the above or even more important to stay free from injuries and to recover and stay fresh.